Konráð Valur Gíslason
Konráð Valur Gíslason

Konrad Valur Gislason

Konrad Valur Gislason is the owner of ICELAND FITNESS.
Konrad has worked as a personal trainer at World Class Iceland for 16 years.

Konrad used to play soccer with the junior national team of Iceland as well as run the 60 and 100 meter dash for the Junior Track and field national team of Iceland. When Konrad was 16 years old he competed for the first time in bodybuilding (-70kg class) and won.

The same year Konrad decided to stop playing soccer and running track and do bodybuilding full time. Konrad competed 7 times in bodybuilding and won his class 5 times.

In the year 2004 Konrad had to quit competing in bodybuilding due to an illness and since then Konrad has focused all his time and energy into training others.

For 16 years Konrad has trained all sorts of athletes, soccer players, track and field and offcourse bodybuilders, fitness competitors and bikini fitness competitors and the resultes has been amazing.

Konrad clients have won..

Countless of Icelandic championship and Icelandic Cup titles,

2x Arnold classic USA 2nd place (Magnea Gunnars and Heidi Ola, Bikini fitness), 

Loaded cup champion (Heidi Ola Bikini fitness),

Bikini World Cup champion (Heidi Ola, Bikini Fitness)

Austrian International Championship champion (Katrín Edda Þorsteinsdóttir, Bikini fitness), 

European Champion (Una Margrét Heimisdóttir, Junior Bodyfitness) 

World Champion (Íris Arna Geirsdóttir, WBFF Diva Bikini Fitness)

and more and more.


Natural Science at Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð, 

Sport Education Fjölbrautarskólinn í Breiðholti.


  • ISSA personal trainer 2000
  • ACE Personal trainer 2001
  • Life Fitness personal trainer 2001-2002
  • Children soccer training KSÍ
  • Boxercise instructor
  • Boot Camp instructor
  • Trigger point massage therapy 2004
  • Sport massage
  • CPR


Bikini fitness, fitness and bodybuilding training, contest prep, plyometric training, sport specific training, strength and conditioning coach.

"Learn to train like an athlete and you will get the results of an athlete"

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